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Home loan is usually a long-term type of financing. It is therefore important to compare the conditions of the different banks when looking for construction finance. We take on this time-consuming task for you. We provide fast and affordable mortgage.

The conditions are determined at the time of the conclusion of the contract, particularly in the case of construction financing, but also when financing the purchase of a property. These apply throughout the term. For this reason alone, we attach great importance to achieving the best conditions for your building loan. With our condition calculator you can check the possibilities for the optimal real estate financing for you and apply for the building financing on the basis of the offer.


We want you to finance your property

financial loan

Regardless of whether it is a new building or a purchase, at the best and cheapest conditions. We would be happy to advise you personally to find the mortgage that not only meets your expectations but also fits your financial options.

The key interest rate has been zero percent since 2016. It is not yet clear when the MoneyAdvice Bank will raise the interest rate. The key interest rate not only affects savings, but also personal loans and mortgage lending. For this reason, it makes sense to use mortgage lending in times of low interest rates. You can find out how high the interest burden for your building loan can be on our rent / buy calculator. We would be happy to prepare them for a personal offer of interest. This shows you the advantages of current low interest rates and how high the monthly charge for your building loan is.


Applying for real estate finance is closely related to your personal future

financial loan

For this reason, we think not only of today, but also of your future. A home loan always means a long-term commitment. Today we have the opportunity to offer you mortgage lending that not only includes the currently low interest rate, but also includes your financial options. We want you to be able to handle the monthly payments without problems and to be able to look to the future with ease. We work with 400 different banks. The dream of owning your own property can be realized with us and our partner banks. Fulfill your dream of owning a home with a mortgage loan that has the best conditions for you and enables you to pay back securely. For your credit inquiry, use our free credit inquiry or call us and make an appointment with us for individual advice.

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