Sunday, November 20, 2016

Starting to Look Like Christmas!


I woke up to some gorgeous weather this morning! Old man winter brought in some cooler temps this  weekend, and the cooler temps made me ready for Christmas. My excuse for decorating for Christmas during Thanksgiving week?  I justified the change of decorating from Fall to Christmas with the thought that I am spending Thanksgiving at my parents, so I decided it would be fun to change my decorations from Fall to Christmas and enjoy this upcoming weekend with family!

I added in a little Italian Biscotti to this cute glass jar.

I still like to add a little bit of red. I picked up this cute candy dish at Old Time Pottery this weekend. I just need to add some Christmas candy in to make it complete.

I love a little Old World Christmas decor added throughout my house. 


I am currently into gold and white Christmas decor. I added this fun garland to my gold sleigh for a little whimsical fun.

I thought I would share a picture of what really went down while I was decorating my halls! I know none of you have misplaced furniture and had stuff strung all over the place when your decorating for Christmas. I'm loving that I accidentally captured this moment. 

Until next time,