Friday, January 23, 2015

A Wall Goes Up!

Someone once told me that for every remodeling job that involves knocking down a wall, there's another that calls for putting one up.

Well that's exactly what I did! I immediately decided that out of every project I wanted to do ,this ranked the highest out of them all! I love the open space between my dining room and living room , but I love my dining room cabinet more! 

 I had two things out of all my furniture that I wanted to keep and the china cabinet was one of them. The other being my new (to me ) French country cabinet, you can read all about it here. So the solution that would work for both was put up a wall! Here is what the open space looked like before we had Jeff our contractor come in and work his magic.


 To save on the cost I painted the wall and trim. 

I love how one wall can completely change the whole look of two  areas in a home. 

This solved my whole delimma!

 I will leave you with some pics of my new wall!

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