Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Fireplace Makeover

When I walked into my new home the first thing that I thought of was, "Wow, this fireplace doesn't match the house at all!"

 I am a very symmetrical human being, so this line of symmetry came up very short! The mantel was a shelf that was way too small for this large wall.  The ceiling in my living room is over twenty feet high so having just the fire box and a shelf over it seemed out of proportion.

I wanted to go with a look that matched the homes style. After visiting several plantation homes on River Road, I had the perfect design laid out in my mind. I love marble with a vein of beige infused through out. I wanted to incorporate that around my fireplace.

After visiting the French Quarter, I wanted to add a fanciful form of French balcony. Its design is undeniably alluring, with luxurious twists and turns of curving scrollwork. The handcrafted appliqué  is hand carved in wood.This is such an elegant piece, with so much charm!

I also wanted to add some molding and trim work that would beef the whole look of the fireplace surround. I decided to take the whole fireplace up to a height that would be proportional to my wall. We added a section of wood, marble surround ,and then trim to add the finishing touches! I am loving the look so far! I went with marble on the hearth to balance it all out. 

 After drawing and showing my ideas to Jeff from J's Construction he took my idea and transformed it into a beautiful fireplace surround and mantel! 

 I absolutely love the new look! My new fireplace mantel now commands attention as the focal point of my living room!


Thank you so much Jeff your crew is the best! 

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