Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Cabin Restaurant

I shared my experiences on River Road recently with everyone and promised you a quaint little restraunt that I fell in love with! This restaurant  is located right on the way to several of the plantations. I must confess that I ate here three different times all in one week! Yikes! That's bad isn't it? Oh well I really enjoyed the experience and most importantly , the food! 

 The front of the restaurant is a converted slave cabin.

The Cabin also has a great photo op, with the rustic cabin

tiny creek, pond and footbridge. 

You won't want to miss this alligator that is carved out of an old tree log! 

They have a great lunch special everyday. The food is very good! The atmosphere is truly unique and worth a trip. The special of the day was Cajun beans , rice , and sausage. Along with that you are served a salad and homemade cornbread and vanilla cake! 

The first time I came I was seated in this area. Look at all those old beams! I spent more time looking around than eating!

Look at the two far walls , those are old slave cabins, which serves as a foyer. 

Check out the old brick! My hubby loved this place. I think it was more because of the food not the brick

Now how did this picture make it in here? This is my handsome son who is thrilled to be dragged to every historical site around! He's a trooper!

The old windows are amazing!

When you go out back to where the old cistern restrooms are located . You walk through this beautiful court yard with lights and a gazebo. They host live music and events out here through out the year. 

The Cabin is full of a unique ambiance! This was one of my favorite stops during my visit to River Road. I am leaving you with a few more pictures of this quaint restaurant!


  1. Hi Nicole!
    I love eating at places like this. This history is incredible and the architecture is all part of the charm. It's nice when you have good southern food too! :)
    I'm afraid I don't know that much about you as I've only recently been reading here-- I had to scroll back and look at your picture. You DO NOT LOOK old enough to have a young man this age for a son! You look so young yourself.
    have a great day!

    1. Patricia than you for such a sweet comment! I totally love southern cooking mixed with some history!

  2. Hello Nicole...Looks like a great place to eat. The food looked yummy.

    I didn't think you were old enough to have a teenage son, either!

    Felt sad about the former slave quarters but better they be a restaurant than their former use. Susan

    1. Thank you for the compliment. Make up can do wonders! I am so glad to see them use the cabin in such a better way. The whole experience is worth a visit. Have a wonderful evening!


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