Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sweet Summertime!

I think I love summer time more now than I did as a child! I have come to appreciate all that summer brings , even the sweltering heat that we get in coastal Georgia. Recently my daughter asked me to sum up summer time in a few words. I immediately thought of these two words laid- back! I want to share the meaning and some synonyms for laid- back because this describes summer perfectly in my mind! 
The meaning of laid- back is relaxed and easygoing.  Now, that's my idea of a perfect summer! 
  1. As you scroll through some of my summer time decor and flowers I will share some different synonyms I got right out of the dictionary!
    synonyms:for laid- back......


      Free and easy, casual, unruffled


         Nonchalant , low-maintenance, 











            I don't know about you but I must try to be more laid - back! The dictionary has summed up exactly my kind of summer!  

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  1. Oh yeah, I'm with you! I need to be more laid back too! Reading this made me realize I'm way uptight. Lol. I love your hydreandrea arrangement! Perfect for summer.


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