Thursday, June 26, 2014

Deep South Plantation Homes Part II

I shared with you my pics from a recent trip I took down River Road here. I have enjoyed so many new experiences during my stay on River Road ,that I'm sure I'll have to go back again!  I was totally surprised that while visiting the Houmas House they encouraged and allowed you to take pictures! I took some pics of my favorite fireplaces, dining, and decor!

This fireplace had such character..

I love the floral arrangements

Just look at the details along this ceiling! Amazing!

This dining room with the majestic chandelier beckons you to sit and have a meal.

I love the ceiling decor and lighting! This is such an era that is truly gone with the wind!

While touring the Poche Plantation the tour guide asked if anyone could play the piano? My husband was offered a very rare chance to play this turn of the century piano!

I really enjoyed touring all the different plantations while visiting River Road. The Deep South is packed full of antebellum plantations that let us have a small glimpse into the past. While visiting the Deep South I discovered a quaint little restraunt that I'll be sharing with you soon! You will have to stay tuned! 


  1. I can totally see your new home decorated like this! :)

    1. Hey a girl can dream right? I will probably never have such a beautiful place down here but I am sure God will give me my hearts desires up in heaven some day!

  2. I love many homes along River Road.


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