Monday, June 2, 2014

Charming kitchens

I have recently found a new attraction of mine! I love kitchens that are steeped in comfort while displaying a casual lived-in charm. 


I am naturally drawn to old world style with a touch of rustic but not to the point that I would have to sacrifice my modern day conveniences . 

I have noticed I tend to pick out the distressed
furniture and time worn pieces over the more modern day look. With just the right color scheme you can 
mix any of these looks together and have a charming kitchen!


My sister just recently added this travertine backsplash to her kitchen! My brother in law did such a good job on this project! 


You can easily create your style at a very low cost!


  1. Those are all beautiful kitchens!!! I love the rustic feel as well!!! Modern seems to cold to me.

  2. The back splash makes her kitchen look so different. It looks great!


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