Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pecan "Honey Butter" Lemon Chicken


I threw this recipe together kind of spur of the moment. I thought I would share it with you since it was such a big hit! I had some whipped honey butter that I made from scratch, left over from this past Sunday's afternoon meal.

 So I decided to use it and add some lemon and pepper along with some pecans. This made for a delicious flavor! I baked some chicken and added the mixture over the top! My family decided this will be a keeper from here out. I added  four tablespoons of honey butter. You can buy this or make your favorite recipe for this part. I then added a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and a half teaspoon of cracked pepper. I added a half cup of crushed pecans to the melted butter mixture. Melt the butter in the microwave for thirty seconds and pour it over your chicken and bake! This is super easy and the flavor will dance on your tongue! I served this up with a summer pasta salad on the side.

 My new favorite summer dish!


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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Candle holder turned Coasters

 So I was shopping at a local discount home store in my hometown this past week, and I come across these unique candle holders.

I love that they are my favorite color for summer...you can read all about that here. I immediately had a whole new idea of what I was going to do with these cutie pies!
 I wanted  something very cute but different looking to use as a coaster to place on my nightstand in my bedroom. Our bed sits up high and this makes for a long reach to get our drinks.  So I was drawn to how these sit up(lazy I know)high.

 I added a thin piece of cork board to the inside where the candle would normally sit.

 This took all of a minute to cut and glue it in place. This really just gives the condensation a place to be soaked up while your glass sits on your coaster.

You don't have to add it but I prefer it over the actual pottery surface.

So here is my new coasters for our nightstands in our master bedroom!

I am very pleased with how cute they turned out!

I got several comments on them when we had company over just the other evening.. I spent a whopping $3.99 on these!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

New Counter Top Reveal!

We recently updated our kitchen which you can read about here. I love the windows that surround my U shaped kitchen.

 I really enjoy cooking in here.  I can look outside through these windows or I can turn and view everything going on in our family room, and feel like I am not missing anything while I am in the kitchen.

 We love that we have a family room right off of our kitchen, and I added these bar stools to make it cozy for short orders and snack time.

 We had one small problem that had to be fixed before we could use our bar stools here...Our cabinet and counters were made WAY back in the day! The going thing was a short counter that dropped down from your tall counter. I have to say this makes for a very dysfunctional use of space. I have tried in the past to make cookies or use this space to do some cooking and baking, but my back would kill me from bending over this low! 
 So my grandfather stepped in and helped us with this counter problem by making a box to raise it up! We popped off the old counter top here.

Then made the box and added it to raise the whole area up to standard height for bar stools..
We decided on adding a decorative trim to give this a touch of character.

Then we finished by adding back the new counter tops! Which are gorgeous compared to these old worn out ones!

We added a Microwave range

Check out the old range top
Old Counters

New counter tops!
 I love my new kitchen!

 I owe a huge thanks to my grandfather and my son who worked right beside him the whole time on this project. My dad was right there beside me and was even my personal color specialist! My hubby did so many odd jobs to put everything back together. He is the best.. My brother in law dropped everything and would come help when they needed extra hands. I love that I have been blessed with a family who will work together on a project that would cost a ton of money and help save you that difference! That's truly a blessing from God! So I have to end with this, the project I have put off and dreaded has been the biggest blessing in disguise!

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July!


I am spending the day celebrating our countries freedom with my family & friends! We have relaxed and enjoyed the simple pleasures of the day! You will see why in the pics below!


Our decorative straws for the Fourth

I just love these fireworks!
  We went to our local fireworks display and then came back to have some down right delicious dessert!
 I am loving this chocolate cake with strawberries along with a cup of coffee!

  I made our second annual batch of Freedom Punch for the kids to enjoy. You can make yours here.

Getting ready for the Freedom Punch

We can not end our day till my baby girl gets to light up the sparklers. This is her favorite thing to do! I think it is because this is the only time we let her play with fire! Plus it just sparkles!

You can look at some of my previous posts that I have included for you. You can see my Fourth of July Vignette here.
I also did a show & tell of my past celebrations of the fourth here. 
I hope that you have had a wonderful day celebrating our country's birthday.

I am leaving you with one of my favorite songs lyrics!  
We live in a country, the greatest on earth. Our flag stands for freedom, and what it is worth. She stands in the harbor, Miss Liberty calls. All have gave some, but some gave all. For me to be blessed!

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fourth of July Vignette

I am ready for the fourth of July to get here! Fourth of July brings on the cookouts, festive desserts & fireworks! Oh yeah, and the sparklers! You have plenty of time left to add some of your favorite fourth of July cuisine, decorations, and activites. I am all about celebrating the holidays, so bring on the red, white, and blue!

Here is my Fourth of July Vignette I put together for this year. I wanted a vignette that reflects the things in my life.
I love this wreath, it's just my kind of style ,and of course I am American down to my bones!

I love God and my country so I added this chuch! God bless America!

 I had to add my coastal life in because that is where I am from, sailboats & sandy beaches with a few salty kisses!

I love decorating with banners, they are so festive! I love that this one has my country's flag on it!

I enjoy the festivities of our country's birthday!

May God bless you!
Happy Fourth of July!

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