Saturday, June 29, 2013

Campus Book Rentals

This post brought to you by campusbookrentals. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am like most parents who have a child who is on the brink of college...yours may already be in college. Either way, you know that college costs are at an all time high in our slow economy! I was recently approached to do this sponsor ad for college campus book Campus Book Rental. I began looking into their programs and offers, and I am very happy to have crossed paths with them! How many of you have experienced having to buy a $250.00 text book and three months later discover it is only worth $25.00? Well that's what makes College Campus so unique! You can rent your text books from them, which is a great alternative to having to buy them.
Now if you have purchased your text books you can enjoy a new rent back program that is now being offered .

Rent Back allows your child to own their books, but rent them to others for a profit.  College Campus Rentals will rent them out as long as they are in demand, and send your child the money. You can read all about their rent back program here. I encourage you to look into this great program before your child starts college this fall semester!
I love the fact that College Campus Books created a business to make college more affordable but  they are also in partnership with Operation Smile! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Kitchen Cabinets

Top cabinets before makeover
A few years ago my hubby and I bought an older home that is a 'fixer upper.' We bought our home when the housing market was at an all time high. We actually signed our contract in the dark the night I took my hubby to see it! I know that sounds crazy, but I fell in love with our house and that day alone there were over twenty realtor cards laying on the counter.

 What I love most about my home is that the 'older home part' gives it character. I wanted a home that didn't have the typical 'cookie cutter' look. I have to say, that with the 'fixer upper' comes a lot of work. We have gutted, repaired, or replaced just about everything in our home. We knew this was the case when we signed in the dark that spring evening several years ago.

I have honestly waited and tried to avoid the last room in the kitchen! I have older cabinets that have solid wood boxes.

Before the makeover!

 My problem was the doors! They were made from veneer and plastic overlay, which meant they could not be sanded to be refinished. 

I am so glad I took the plunge and painted!

 I tried several things on the market and came up short every time.


Before we started the makeover


After an impromptu visit to Alabama this past January, I visited a cute shop called Vintage West, and I decided to paint my cabinets with Annie Sloan Chalk paint. I went with Old White and used the clear wax mixed with dark wax to get my distressed Old White look.

Annie Sloan Old White

 I can't believe how much this lightened up my kitchen. Out with the old, dark cabinets and in comes a whole new look!

Look how bad they were in need of some TLC!
I went with nickel brushed door knobs and drawer pulls. My cabinets did not have this before hand...I just love this new face lift!

After! We also added hardware.

I love my new kitchen cabinets remodel! 

Here is a side view of top and bottom

I love my new look!
Lower cabinets with new hardware and paint

I don't miss this look at all!

I will be sharing with you how I remodeled my counter tops and stove range soon!

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Time!

I just love summer for the simple fact that I can enjoy a more relaxed time of the year! I take this time of year to really just enjoy the beauty of the ocean. Me and my hubby decided this weekend to go out to dinner to a local restaurant that sits on the beach! We ate outside while listening to a live band playing Caribbean tunes.

 We were seated at a table that faced the ocean and we dined on some local seafood cuisine. The breeze off the ocean was so incredible this evening! We just sat and soaked up the atmosphere!


After we finished our dinner at the beach we went for a long walk along the sea shore just simply strolling hand in hand while our feet were soaking up the salt water!

We watched the sun set over the horizon and the beach was again painted a whole new hue of colors! As we walked back to our car along the pier, I spotted this beauty!

 Yes, this is about as close as you can get to my dream home being plucked up out of a southern yard and placed right here on the beach! I told my husband just let me stand here and dream for a few minutes! This new home that is under construction is absolutely gorgeous!

I wanted to share with you this simple summer evening! Take some time to enjoy the simple things in life! They really are priceless!

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fireplace Mirror

I recently shared with you my change above my fireplace here. So now that I have recovered from that tiny change up, I was left with a big empty space above the mantle. I had twenty five people coming over for Father's Day, and I had to do something about that empty space problem! I want to share with you how I fixed the big empty space, so here it is...

I went with a black & gold distressed arch designed mirror! When I first saw this mirror I knew it was made just for me. I especially love the nail heads that go around the border of the frame.
 I wanted something very different to inhabit the space above my mantle, because I have a large picture hanging to the left of my fireplace. I did not want two pictures that were the same size and shape to be hanging next to each other.
See how they fight for each other's attention?
 I wanted to draw the eye up to the arch styled design mirror! The distressing gives it some personality and character! 

On each side of my mirror I  added two lanterns that previously were on my table.



I also added some magnolia leaves to give it that extra pop of color.

I just love this..

 My hubby is loving his new space and I am extremely happy with my new look!

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Monday, June 17, 2013

My French Country Entertainment Piece!

I thought I had my formal living room looking pretty good, and I even shared my summer fireplace d├ęcor with you here. Until...My hubby walked in the other day and informed me that he had a great idea.  He wanted to move our flat screen from over the fireplace to our family room! I have wanted to do this for a while, just for the pure joy of getting my mantle back! I love decorating my fireplace area during the holidays and different seasons, but the flat screen took up so much of the mantel that it made decorating very tricky. Here is a picture of when we had the flat screen over the mantel..

So this change brought on by the hubby put me on a furniture hunt at my local thrift store! I knew the minute I walked in and saw this French country beauty that she was mine! I was in love with her immediately!

I know this could easily be used for a side buffet, but I will use this French country stand for an entertainment piece for my family room. 

 I love to take furniture pieces and change them up for another use! I accomplished that with this piece...You don't have to spend a ton of money on brand new furniture when you are in need of a piece to use in your home. I strongly feel that sometimes you just need a little junk in your home to make it cozy!

 The old saying " one man's junk is another man's treasure" is so true!  I have added this "junk" piece to my collection of favorites!

Now to fix the big open space where the flat screen use to reside! I will share that change with you soon!
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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Father's Day Cupcakes

I made these cute as can be cupcakes for Father's Day last year with all of my nieces!


I wanted to do something that was super easy and most of! We baked cupcakes together, and then I let them cover them with chocolate icing on top. We piped black lines to resemble grill marks across the cupcakes. I let them decorate the cupcakes with pieces of candy that looked very close to some meat thrown on the grill. We then took toothpicks and added sugar coated gummy candies that favored a kabob! We added a quick touch of grilled black lines to some of the candy (meat) and gave it that final grilled look! We made plenty of extra for the girls to sample!

 We displayed several on platters Father's Day for everyone to enjoy.

 I bought some stickers that had some cute Father's Day sayings and we put the cupcakes in bakery boxes for all our special dads in our family to take home with them as a treat! I am looking forward to celebrating with all of the Dad's in our family this weekend! We have a full day planned and a menu to cook!
Here is a pic of my hubby and kiddos! He is the best dad in the world to our two children! I am forever thankful for the way he has been such a Godly father for my kids to grow up under! He is truly my best friend!

 I added a few pics of my dad! He is the best father in the whole world! He has always been there for me! He sets such an example of unconditional love for me and my three sisters. I love him to the moon and back!
Happy Father's Day!
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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Easy Fresh Bread Mix!

Our weather is very nasty and rainy tonight, so I opted to stay in and enjoy my home. I made fresh bread sticks for our spaghetti dinner tonight!
I make this super easy bread mix and store it in my fridge for the days that I have very little time.

 Now when I do have time, I like to make the mixes up for the days that I do not have time to spare. I make several mixes at one time and store them in quart size zip lock bags.  I keep them for several months in my fridge, and pull one out when I am in the mood for fresh bread.

 All you do is add the 1 1/2 cup of warm water and the mix to your bread machine and turn it on! I use the dough cycle, take the dough out, and make bread sticks, pizza crust, yeast rolls, cinnamon rolls.. 

If you want a loaf of fresh bread you just use the bread cycle. 


This recipe makes a large amount of dough so I divided mine tonight to make bread sticks, and then I am making fresh rolls for our ham and cheese sliders tomorrow night!

 I love this recipe because on a busy day you can have the taste of homemade bread or roll of your choice!  I hope you enjoy this as much as I have!

Here is a pic of my sign that hangs on my kitchen cork board!

I had nobody leave it tonight! I also use this board to display my daughters art work she makes me!

I will leave you with the bread mix recipe:
4 cups of all purpose flour
2 tbs of sugar
2 tbs. of butter
1 tsp of salt
1 tbs of yeast
Combine your flour, sugar, salt and cut in your butter till fine.

 I add them all at once and make at least two to four bags at a time.

 I close the bag and give it a good shake, then stir in yeast and shake. Store in fridge till ready to use. I wrote on my bags with a sharpie "Bread Mix add in 1 1/2 warm water." That way I don't have to look it up! Very convenient.
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