Sunday, November 24, 2013

Inspired By A Visit

I found this favorite store a few years ago while on an afternoon trip that started out antiquing.  I set out to visit a small town that is nestled on the quiet side of the Smokies. I stopped for lunch at the BBQ place I told you about here. Then I went into several stores that I can truly get lost in for hours! They are just packed with antiques from yester years. I am famous for getting side tracked while out on an adventure! This day was no different! I had missed my turn and had to travel down a few miles to do a U turn and lo and behold I got side tracked for sure! I found the Apple Valley Country Stores! They carry everything from coffee to home décor!

I love when I can walk into a store and be inspired with new ideas for a project. I stood looking at this shelf for over 30 minutes this particular day!




Did I mention I love this?

I will share my project that I have been working on with you very soon!
One last thing I will mention is they have a wonderful porch to sit on when your all shopped out! I have a few guys that enjoy playing checkers out on the rockers while I shop! This store is perfect for just about everyone! I will leave you with some pics from my visit for now! Happy Fall Ya'll!

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