Friday, November 1, 2013

Charlotte's Web Party

I have been reading Charlotte's Web for the month of October to the second graders at school. I told them we would watch the movie and have a party once we finished reading the book first! They have waited very patiently all month to have our party. We celebrate everything in a big way in second grade. This was their first creative writing page ever! So they read their creative writing papers to their parents and former teachers and then we celebrated with a big party! Here are some pics of the party I threw. I have to say a huge thank you to several of the parents for all of their help.
I made these cupcakes and added a Charlotte on top!   

Here is a craft the kids did during art one week.

 We added quotes from the book to their craft and then displayed them on these cute spider suckers!


 I have to give pinterest the credit for the idea of the lollipop turned spider. These were super easy to make.
 I found this spider cupcake stand at Joann's on sale. I used a coupon combined with the sale. What a deal! I added the bow.
I made some homemade caramel corn which you can read about here. I filled them in these cute fall paper sacks. This added a county fair feel to our party!
Of coarse we added a little salty to cut the sweet with our chips.
 The chips are in a webbed bowl. I found these cute bowls at Dollar Tree!
I sprinkled some sparkly spiders on the table and we had a super easy party! I hope this inspires you as much as it did me! I will leave you with some pics of my favorite quotes from Charlotte's Web.

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  1. Charlotte's Web is a favorite, I have to tell you that you and your school kids did a great job with your decorations for the party. EB White the author was a friend of my fathers. My dad grew up in Brooklin Maine where EB and his wife lived. He wrote a few books in Brooklin. And the name which I have understood since I was very young is named after my Aunt Charlotte, a Brooklin girl! Pretty cool He and his wife are both buried in Brooklin. This is exciting to see a party in his honor...........Andi@thewednesdaybaker

  2. Thank you! The kids loved the book and it just seemed that a party was the right way to end it. I think that is so great that you have a family history with the author! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today! Nicole

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