Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Super Easy Fall Leaves Tutorial

This was my fall touch on my fireplace last fall. I thought with the fall season gearing up, I would share this with you for a super easy way to transform your garland for your home. 

My fireplace mantle project that started out as plain old garland of fall leaves!

   I wanted some fall foliage with a mix of grapevine and some lemon leaves...I was in my local craft store (Michael's) and came across this fall foliage garland and it had most of what I wanted but not all..  You know what I mean, the ordinary garland you see hanging in store after store. So I decided to doctor it up some.. 

   I loved the fact it already had some grapevine and pine cones mixed in.

 I wanted to add some bronzed lemon leaf to spice it up a bit. I actually found these down the Christmas aisle.. Buried in all the Christmas picks!

 Yes, don't limit yourself to just the fall aisle in a store! I always scout out the Christmas picks when I am working on a new project.
 I hung the leaf garland on my mantle making sure it was centered. Then I simply added the bronzed lemon leaf into the vine in various spots along my leaf garland. I try to keep my added items centered throughout the arrangement so it stays in proportion..
You can also add a dab of hot glue to the end of your pick to make it stay in place. Should you decide you don't want yours to be a permanent arrangement you can just stick them in, and use some wire twisted around the vine. Honestly, mine fit so tight down in the grapevine I didn't wire mine at all.
Next .. I added another pick that I also found in the Christmas section!
 I loved how it sparkled with fall hues of amber and orange, with a hint of brown touches through out the pick! I immediately decided this was just what I was missing to finish this mantle piece!
 So I added the sparkle beaded picks, and sat back to examine the results with a cup of coffee! This is so easy to do and it takes only minutes of your time!
See, you don't have to settle with the plain "ole" boring fall garland you see hanging in your local  craft store! You can take a few minutes and create your own unique look right from a starter vine of garland! I love to add in burlap and ribbon or twine to a lot of my projects the possibilities are endless!
I will share with you this seasons fall decorating soon! Happy soon to be Fall y'all!
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  1. Very, very pretty, very autumn! Nice work. :-)

  2. Great idea to check in the other aisles for what you are looking for. Never know what you're going to find! Love the touch of sparkle.

    Christy @ Creating a Beautiful Life

  3. Gorgeous! I was looking at the very same garland in Michael's last night, and almost bought it! Maybe I'll go back now!

  4. Very pretty, love the colors and dazzle you added, makes such a difference. I can never leave something alone, have to add and diddle with it. That goes for pretty much any garland I've ever purchased. I have a great supply of pine cones, big and little so add those to Fall and Christmas garlands. Those little things like you added make such an incredible difference. I just stick things in or add little glue. It's so dry here the glue usually dries up after awhile anyway, not permanent. I like to be able to change things as my mood changes. Really like to get value for what money I spend. Love your garland and additions you made, makes it look very snazzy. Happy weekend.

  5. love the look on the mantle. clever to scout out the xmas picks!

  6. Nicole,
    Great job. I love your garland. It is so pretty.

  7. Hi Nicole! I love that garland, and your idea to not limit myself to the 'fall aisle' at the store!
    Love the grapes in there too.
    I changed my blog header to reflect the fall weather, but I wish the weather would actually cooperate! It's been 90 degrees this week. Yikes!

    So nice to meet you today!


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