Friday, August 30, 2013

Tutorial Of My Fall Table Arrangement!

I am ready for fall, and along with that comes the overwhelming desire to deck my halls and home with my favorite fall time décor! Here is a preseason tutorial of my table arrangement from last year, and I wanted to share it with you.
 I first set eyes on these natural, bittersweet branches at my local Hobby Lobby store, and I knew they were coming home with me! I purchased two sprigs of these to go in the center of my table arrangement. I wanted them to stand tall around some fall leaves!

I  used three sprigs of fall leaves to make this arrangement.  Here are a couple of suggestions to help determine how high to set your arrangement.  First, set your sprigs in your vase or container, and make a small mark with your wire cutters. Next, cut the stems at the mark you made.  Now you are ready to place the sprigs in your container! I used a vase, but this arrangement will look great in any kind of container or tall basket. Use what you like, and simply add your fall leaves to it!

This is a pic of all three stems of leaves added into my glass vase. Now it is time to add in my bittersweet branches to the center of my arrangement!

This called for help from my hubby! I tried to cut the sprigs, but after several attempts I gave up and had him cut them for me! They were super thick! I left these taller on purpose to allow them to stand higher in my vase.. I wanted these to be in the center of my arrangement and then the leaves to be all around.

You will need a set of wire cutters for this job! Just measure how high you want them and cut!

One set of bittersweet didn't fill it in, so I went with two sets to make it very full. I placed them in the center of the leaves. They are taller, so they naturally stand out fuller and higher than the leaves.

This is what I envisioned in my head for my fall table arrangement. I wanted some leaves that looked like I had picked them up when I was out on a fall day walking, then came home, and simply set them in my vase.. I can't express how easy this is to do.. The only time involved was cutting the stems! You can have your arrangement done within minutes, and you don't have to be super crafty or a professional to make this arrangement. 
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  1. I love decorating for fall and have already started! I know it is still almost 100 degrees every day, but I feel fall in the air! I love your arrangement-Hobby Lobby has some nice florals.


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