Friday, August 23, 2013

Late Summer Tropical Flower Arrangement

I found this tropical greenery at my favorite store in the whole wide world! My local thrift store of course!

I love that they go to auctions several times a week. I can go in there everyday and see all new things.. I have actually had this arrangement for close to a year now. I used it in my family room last summer and it worked great. I have grown tired of the greenery so I decided to add some tropical flowers and rework this into a whole new look.

I saw this beautiful arrangement selling at Michaels craft store recently, but the price and me had a huge problem. So my brain went into the mode of how can I get a similar look with what I have already with just a few new flowers added? So this is what I came home with to add to my greenery.

I also put them in this cute vase I had on hand to give it a whole new look. I think this looks much better than just the plain tropical greenery..

 Now I have some late summer color added to give this greenery some variety. I love that just a little goes a long way with this arrangement. I didn't have to add a lot to get this look, just two sprigs and one stem of flowers did the job!

What a pop of color this adds when you pass by this arrangement!

 I love the finished details!



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