Monday, August 5, 2013

My Love for Lanterns!

So I am hung up on lanterns lately! Everywhere I go my eyes are immediately focused on the lanterns I see out and about! I love to decorate with them just as much as I love to see them used in architectural design! Here are a few of my favorites from places I have visited recently..

This was taken at the Lightener  Museum in St. Augustine Florida

I want one of these so bad!
 I love all the unusual lanterns in this BBQ place! You can read all about this place here.


I just love this lantern! This is another gorgeous place that I blogged about here.

The lanterns in this church would be what got me started on my whole hang up with lanterns! You can read all about them and this beautiful church here!
Here are a few of my lanterns I have decorated with in the past and some I am using right now!


I am totally loving the lantern look! This is just one small hang up I am currently hooked on!
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  1. I soooo know what your talking about...I adore them! Do you have a habitat for Humanity store near you? Here they are called "ReStore"....I have found some lanterns that could still be hung up as lights....I picked up one (it's now outside) for 13 bucks....and after a coat of spray looked amazing.

  2. that's a great collection of lanterns!

  3. Hi Nicole....Lanterns really do add to the ambiance of a place. Those black wrought iron ones pictured are identical to ones we have in my church!

    I'd like one on a big post for the front yard! Wouldn't that be so cool? Susan

  4. Beautiful inspiration and I just love how you've used old lanterns on the table pretty!
    Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday...


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