Friday, August 30, 2013

Tutorial Of My Fall Table Arrangement!

I am ready for fall, and along with that comes the overwhelming desire to deck my halls and home with my favorite fall time d├ęcor! Here is a preseason tutorial of my table arrangement from last year, and I wanted to share it with you.
 I first set eyes on these natural, bittersweet branches at my local Hobby Lobby store, and I knew they were coming home with me! I purchased two sprigs of these to go in the center of my table arrangement. I wanted them to stand tall around some fall leaves!

I  used three sprigs of fall leaves to make this arrangement.  Here are a couple of suggestions to help determine how high to set your arrangement.  First, set your sprigs in your vase or container, and make a small mark with your wire cutters. Next, cut the stems at the mark you made.  Now you are ready to place the sprigs in your container! I used a vase, but this arrangement will look great in any kind of container or tall basket. Use what you like, and simply add your fall leaves to it!

This is a pic of all three stems of leaves added into my glass vase. Now it is time to add in my bittersweet branches to the center of my arrangement!

This called for help from my hubby! I tried to cut the sprigs, but after several attempts I gave up and had him cut them for me! They were super thick! I left these taller on purpose to allow them to stand higher in my vase.. I wanted these to be in the center of my arrangement and then the leaves to be all around.

You will need a set of wire cutters for this job! Just measure how high you want them and cut!

One set of bittersweet didn't fill it in, so I went with two sets to make it very full. I placed them in the center of the leaves. They are taller, so they naturally stand out fuller and higher than the leaves.

This is what I envisioned in my head for my fall table arrangement. I wanted some leaves that looked like I had picked them up when I was out on a fall day walking, then came home, and simply set them in my vase.. I can't express how easy this is to do.. The only time involved was cutting the stems! You can have your arrangement done within minutes, and you don't have to be super crafty or a professional to make this arrangement. 
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Friday, August 23, 2013

Late Summer Tropical Flower Arrangement

I found this tropical greenery at my favorite store in the whole wide world! My local thrift store of course!

I love that they go to auctions several times a week. I can go in there everyday and see all new things.. I have actually had this arrangement for close to a year now. I used it in my family room last summer and it worked great. I have grown tired of the greenery so I decided to add some tropical flowers and rework this into a whole new look.

I saw this beautiful arrangement selling at Michaels craft store recently, but the price and me had a huge problem. So my brain went into the mode of how can I get a similar look with what I have already with just a few new flowers added? So this is what I came home with to add to my greenery.

I also put them in this cute vase I had on hand to give it a whole new look. I think this looks much better than just the plain tropical greenery..

 Now I have some late summer color added to give this greenery some variety. I love that just a little goes a long way with this arrangement. I didn't have to add a lot to get this look, just two sprigs and one stem of flowers did the job!

What a pop of color this adds when you pass by this arrangement!

 I love the finished details!



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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Experimental Ice Cream Cake

I have a new summer favorite! I am in love with this cake I recently made for a get together we were hosting at our home for our youth group .

 I wanted something nice and cool for a treat on this hot July Sunday. I have made the ice cream sandwich cakes with different variations in the past. I like them but honestly didn't LOVE them. So I decided to make my dessert up as I went along. I have been known to do this many times in the past. I drove my mom nuts when I was young and would experiment on her and my dad! I will say that I have stumbled upon some very good recipes accidently with these experiments. My family loves when this happens. I won the approval of my whole house on this recipe. We will be keeping this new dessert around for sure!

My experiment recipe: 
I started with 24 ice cream sandwiches (this is very popular with ice cream cakes right now)
then I layered the bottom of a 9x13 pan with twelve of them.


I mixed these ingredients in a bowl together: 1 8oz of cool whip topping to one large box of instant chocolate pudding.


 I then warmed a 15.5 oz  bottle of hot fudge topping for about 1 minute in the microwave.

 I added 2 cups of crushed Oreo cookies. I mixed this for a layered topping over the ice cream sandwiches.



 Then repeat your layers and top with crushed Oreos and fudge topping drizzled over the cake!

Cover with tin foil and freeze for a while. I let mine set in the freezer for 4 hours.

 I must give you a warning about this cake... You will be addicted and you will NOT be able to stop at one bite! So there it is!  You have to try it out! This is one cool treat that beats the heat!

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My New Table Find

I entertain large amounts of people at one time due to having a large family. We enjoy the holidays, special get togethers, and times we can all gather for a simple family dinner. We have been known to do tea parties for our ladies and  game nights for our men. We love to gather with friends and family and enjoy the food and fun of getting together. Along with this comes certain things that make it easy to do these get togethers. I have wanted a large dining table for years! I truthfully can not tell you how many thrift and furniture stores I have gone in looking for a sale that would make this possible.
 I want to say that the table I found this summer came from my favorite thrift store, but I must give all the credit of being blessed with it to the Lord. He knows my heart's desires, and He truly gave me the desire of my heart on this one.

 I have wanted a ten seater table for at least eight years now. I walked in and could not believe my eyes when this Circle K table and chairs were sitting on display in the thrift store. The lady who sold it was down sizing to a smaller home. Nothing was wrong with it, but she did not have space in her new place to keep it! I was able to trade my six seater table in on consignment and walked out with this beautiful table for an exchange of fifty dollars! I know you are probably rereading that right now! I paid fifty dollars for my ten seater table! I told you the Lord blessed me with it!
I will share with you how I am going to give it an update soon! Right now I am so excited to just enjoy a nice dinner at my new treasure! God's been good in my life! I have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams!

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Monday, August 5, 2013

My Love for Lanterns!

So I am hung up on lanterns lately! Everywhere I go my eyes are immediately focused on the lanterns I see out and about! I love to decorate with them just as much as I love to see them used in architectural design! Here are a few of my favorites from places I have visited recently..

This was taken at the Lightener  Museum in St. Augustine Florida

I want one of these so bad!
 I love all the unusual lanterns in this BBQ place! You can read all about this place here.


I just love this lantern! This is another gorgeous place that I blogged about here.

The lanterns in this church would be what got me started on my whole hang up with lanterns! You can read all about them and this beautiful church here!
Here are a few of my lanterns I have decorated with in the past and some I am using right now!


I am totally loving the lantern look! This is just one small hang up I am currently hooked on!
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