Saturday, July 6, 2013

New Counter Top Reveal!

We recently updated our kitchen which you can read about here. I love the windows that surround my U shaped kitchen.

 I really enjoy cooking in here.  I can look outside through these windows or I can turn and view everything going on in our family room, and feel like I am not missing anything while I am in the kitchen.

 We love that we have a family room right off of our kitchen, and I added these bar stools to make it cozy for short orders and snack time.

 We had one small problem that had to be fixed before we could use our bar stools here...Our cabinet and counters were made WAY back in the day! The going thing was a short counter that dropped down from your tall counter. I have to say this makes for a very dysfunctional use of space. I have tried in the past to make cookies or use this space to do some cooking and baking, but my back would kill me from bending over this low! 
 So my grandfather stepped in and helped us with this counter problem by making a box to raise it up! We popped off the old counter top here.

Then made the box and added it to raise the whole area up to standard height for bar stools..
We decided on adding a decorative trim to give this a touch of character.

Then we finished by adding back the new counter tops! Which are gorgeous compared to these old worn out ones!

We added a Microwave range

Check out the old range top
Old Counters

New counter tops!
 I love my new kitchen!

 I owe a huge thanks to my grandfather and my son who worked right beside him the whole time on this project. My dad was right there beside me and was even my personal color specialist! My hubby did so many odd jobs to put everything back together. He is the best.. My brother in law dropped everything and would come help when they needed extra hands. I love that I have been blessed with a family who will work together on a project that would cost a ton of money and help save you that difference! That's truly a blessing from God! So I have to end with this, the project I have put off and dreaded has been the biggest blessing in disguise!

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  1. Looks great! What a big difference this makes. I'm visiting from the Sunday Showcase @ Pink When link party.

    Christy @ Creating a Beautiful Life

  2. Your kitchen looks fabulous! I think it's so neat that all the men helped. :)

  3. Your kitchen is beautiful and your new counters are wonderful. I love all those wonderful windows too. Hugs, Marty

  4. It looks wonderful...quite a transformation! It's even more special because it was built with love!

  5. It looks so pretty, Nicole! Everyone did such a great job putting together your new kitchen! I love the cabinet hardware, too. Thanks for sharing!

    Kim @ {enjoy the view}

  6. Looks awesome! I love me a good kitchen makeover!!


  7. I am so happy for you...nothing makes a cook want to make reservations like a kitchen that doesn't function. LOL

    Congratulations, it looks great!

  8. Hi Nicole...Your new kitchen is lovely. What a major difference! Everyone did a great job. Love it. Susan


  9. The kitchen looks beautiful and the contribution from from everyone simply great.Now you can enjoy your cooking....:):)

  10. I love your kitchen too! The new countertops look great and so rich. Love all of the light you have coming in too. Now I'd help you enjoy your kitchen if I could come over. You could cook something for me! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. You did a great job Nicole and the kitchen looks beautiful!

  12. It looks so great! I especially like your window configuration.


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