Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Kitchen Cabinets

Top cabinets before makeover
A few years ago my hubby and I bought an older home that is a 'fixer upper.' We bought our home when the housing market was at an all time high. We actually signed our contract in the dark the night I took my hubby to see it! I know that sounds crazy, but I fell in love with our house and that day alone there were over twenty realtor cards laying on the counter.

 What I love most about my home is that the 'older home part' gives it character. I wanted a home that didn't have the typical 'cookie cutter' look. I have to say, that with the 'fixer upper' comes a lot of work. We have gutted, repaired, or replaced just about everything in our home. We knew this was the case when we signed in the dark that spring evening several years ago.

I have honestly waited and tried to avoid the last room in the house....my kitchen! I have older cabinets that have solid wood boxes.

Before the makeover!

 My problem was the doors! They were made from veneer and plastic overlay, which meant they could not be sanded to be refinished. 

I am so glad I took the plunge and painted!

 I tried several things on the market and came up short every time.


Before we started the makeover


After an impromptu visit to Alabama this past January, I visited a cute shop called Vintage West, and I decided to paint my cabinets with Annie Sloan Chalk paint. I went with Old White and used the clear wax mixed with dark wax to get my distressed Old White look.

Annie Sloan Old White

 I can't believe how much this lightened up my kitchen. Out with the old, dark cabinets and in comes a whole new look!

Look how bad they were in need of some TLC!
I went with nickel brushed door knobs and drawer pulls. My cabinets did not have this before hand...I just love this new face lift!

After! We also added hardware.

I love my new kitchen cabinets remodel! 

Here is a side view of top and bottom

I love my new look!
Lower cabinets with new hardware and paint

I don't miss this look at all!

I will be sharing with you how I remodeled my counter tops and stove range soon!

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  1. Your kitchen looks so updated and bright now! It's amazing what a little paint and hardware can do for an outdated kitchen. Well done!

  2. I feel for you Nicole since we had the same issue with our first home. Love what you did with you cabinets, it looks soo much better now! Great job!

  3. I just caught your blog, sugar, and your makeover of the cabinets is great! I used chalk paint on my dining room table and chairs and it turned out great also. Love your new look. I want to do our cabinets in chalk paint also but I'm too lazy to do it now. Maybe later??? Hah.

  4. Oh I just LOVE it. We have old brown cabinets and they are a laminate... I am not sure what I could do with them, I think we'd almost need to replace them when we are ready to remodel someday.

  5. Oh wow--what an improvement--such a great update! You did a great job--enjoy it!

  6. This looks great-so light and fresh looking. Amazing what paint will do.

  7. So pretty & a fresh look!


  8. They look fantastic! I'm planning on painting my cabinets white too so thanks for the inspiration! :)

  9. We rented our little cottage on a rainy dark night after viewing it by flashlight with cars full of people lined up at the curb waiting to see it after us. That's how hard it was to nab a front porch North End rental back in 1988. Then we spent two years convincing our landlords to sell it to us, and they did! Here we are, 25 years later! I can really relate to your story. I also painted my old dark kitchen cabinets, twice now. Yours turned out great, and I know how much you're loving the new look.

  10. I had my cabinets painted a few years ago and still love them white , I have an older home and it has the original cabinets from 1958
    I put silver knobs also on my drawers etc

    looks great

  11. I just love painted cabinets. Yours turned out great and made such a huge difference in your kitchen! BTW - I'm a lover of older homes too and would quickly move into one if I could just talk the hubs into it. :)


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