Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My love for Hydrangeas!

I noticed that I am drawn to Hydrangeas when it comes to adding flowers to my decorating.

I love that these can start in spring and go all the way through the fall! I have added some to my late spring and early summer decorating, and I have a hard time once we are in the month of May to keep my Spring décor up.

 Living in coastal Georgia, it feels like the middle of summer already! So with the hot weather I love to add seashells and a touch of the beach to my décor!

Some of my door buckets!

 This is an arrangement I made for my sister! I added the seashells to a jute rope, and hot glued the smaller seashell to add some color.

I love how you can do just about anything with these flowers! They are so pretty!
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  1. I LOVE hydrangeas! I have one in front of my house, and it's my favorite. It doesn't have as many blooms as I'd like, but the ones that do appear are awesome!

  2. love the floral arrangement, wow you are pretty talented with an eye for design,,,love the is so odd how we get into each flower at a different time, I am now into

  3. They are so pretty--can't wait for mine to bloom!

    1. Thank you! You will have to share some pics when they bloom!

    2. I love hydrangeas. They are great when they bloom and when they are dried.
      Thanks for sharing all of your arrangements.

  4. I totally understand the concept of 'late bloomer', having lived in the Pacific Northwest for a decade! My hydrangeas have budded but are about 2 weeks from blooming. Love yours! I'm so glad you actually use them in arrangements. They are pretty on and off the bushes and some people are really reticent to bring them in the house. But if the bushes are full, no one notices the missing blooms :)

  5. I love them too. I have two bushes in my garden now. I am hoping this year they do well and bloom. I only put them in last year. I don't care what colour they decide on I just love them. I am following you back

  6. Hi Nicole! So nice of you to stop by and say hello and join Dandelion House Homestead... I'm following you too and would love if you would join my Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop any time! And I'm with you... LOVE Hydrangeas too... I keep adding more each year!

  7. Hi Nicole! Thanks for stopping in at Cranberry Morning. I'm your newest follower. Be sure to check out Anglophile Friday each week and don't miss my HomemadeSoapnSuch Giveaway that ends tonight at midnight!

  8. I love them too! They were the flower I used in my wedding and they dried gorgeously! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm your newest follower!

  9. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a message on the French house in Auckland. I love hydrangeas, they are one of my favorite flowers and I have several paintings featuring them. I am not sure if you checked out my artist page on my blog, here is a link to see my hydrangea paintings.

    I have added myself as a follower.

    Lee :)

  10. Love the door buckets, so cute!

  11. I really love these beautiful flowers too.They are so great when they bloom and when they are dried.
    Great post. Thanks for sharing it with us :)
    Following your blog with pleasure.
    Cheers from Belgrade!

  12. Soo pretty Nicole! These are my favourite flowers. Especially the white ones. Greetings from Blighty! x

  13. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love hydrangeas too. I like the green and white ones. Great blog

  14. I too love hydrangeas and would you believe yet to have one to enJOY in my own yard. I'm one of those folks that only allows plants in my yard that were from a friend's piece or it's seed, or a marked down dying plant @ the store. Your decorating is beautiful. Thanks for visiting and joining Joy's Jots Shots & Whatnots. Glad you enJOYed it.

  15. Hi nicole, thanks so much for stopping by my blog!!! I looove hydrangeas too!!!

    Hope you are having a lovely day!!!

    Cami @ TitiCrafty by Camila

  16. Hi Nicole, thanks for visiting my blog. I love all of the hydrangeas! That's what my daughter chose for her wedding last summer and they were so fun to work with.

  17. Hi Nicole, thanks for visiting my blog. I love your door buckets, and am a big fan of hydrangeas! I am your newest follower.

  18. Nice!! I love growing hydrangeas and happy when they bloom!! Nice blog...

    My plants did well this year, see couple pictures I posted today. also check out some of my woodwork!

    Blooming Hydrangeas


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