Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My love for Hydrangeas!

I noticed that I am drawn to Hydrangeas when it comes to adding flowers to my decorating.

I love that these can start in spring and go all the way through the fall! I have added some to my late spring and early summer decorating, and I have a hard time once we are in the month of May to keep my Spring décor up.

 Living in coastal Georgia, it feels like the middle of summer already! So with the hot weather I love to add seashells and a touch of the beach to my décor!

Some of my door buckets!

 This is an arrangement I made for my sister! I added the seashells to a jute rope, and hot glued the smaller seashell to add some color.

I love how you can do just about anything with these flowers! They are so pretty!
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Friday, May 24, 2013


I love to use trayscapes in decorating. They are very simple to create and you can always add to them! I also love the fact that they are easy to clean around! Here are a few of my spring trayscapes this season.


I am drawn to green, so in spring I use a lot of plants and natural elements. Most are easy to find this time of year. I am a candle lover so you will find candles throughout my décor as well.

I love adding pottery to any place I can in my home! I love color but I am known to go all white for the simplicity of it too!

I use trayscapes in my kitchen to hold items that I want access to very easy.

Below are some trayscapes that I used for different seasons

Monday, May 20, 2013

Me and BBQ!

I never realized till I started blogging, how much I love BBQ! I am sharing a new spot in town...Willie Jewels BBQ is so good! You have to try it if you are in the Kingsland, Georgia area. This place reminds me of some of the décor you would see in the mountains. That may be why I love to eat here A LOT!
They have a walk up BBQ sauce center which my kids are in love with!

My husband is intrigued by these rotating fans on the ceiling! They have a light like a ceiling fan has in the center, with two fans on either end of the shaft, and they operate like an oscillating fan. He loves this invention!
They have added a rustic country look along with a touch of vintage BBQ pictures on the walls. Check out these hanging lanterns!

 My favorite! The burlap covered ceiling with the rustic charm makes this a place that feels cozy!

 I find myself wanting to stay and sit for awhile. Should you be in coastal Georgia, stop by and try them out! You will love it!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Twenty Minute Maple Pecan Ice Cream!

I have always loved homemade ice cream. I never would make it, because I have very little patience for something that is so time consuming. So, I have found a wonderful solution! I recently found the best EVER ice cream machine made by Cuisinart. What sold me on this machine was that it makes homemade ice cream without the use of rock salt and waiting for the ice cream to freeze. Now, here is what really made me press the button and put this baby in my Amazon shopping cart.. Your ice cream is done from start to finish in twenty minutes!
 To top off this new favorite of mine, here is the
ice cream on the cake.(funny isn't it) You can also make sorbet and yogurt along with Italian ice with this machine!

Homemade Maple Butter Pecan Ice Cream Recipe:

 3/4 cups chopped pecan nuts      

1 tablespoon butter

       1 tablespoon honey          

Ice Cream:

1 cup whole milk

1 cup heavy cream

2 tablespoons maple syrup

1 teaspoon vanilla

   Using a frying pan, melt the butter on medium-low heat and then add the chopped pecans. Add the honey and cook until the nuts are slightly toasted, 3 – 5 minutes. Be very careful not to overcook the nuts because they can go from perfect to burnt in less than a minute.


  While the nuts are cooking stir together all four ingredients for the ice cream. Turn on your ice cream maker and then pour the milk mixture into the machine.
Note: you have to keep your ice cream bowl in the deep freezer for at least 24 hours or it will not freeze right.

When the ice cream is almost all the way thickened add the nuts.

Serve immediately and enjoy!

I could not believe how fast this recipe was to make! I love that the ingredients are all natural and fresh! I used organic products, and I love pecans from the Southern Georgia Pecan Company! I have actually been to their store and sampled many of their pecans! You can use your favorite brands and make it perfect for your taste!
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Monday, May 13, 2013

What a Girl Wants!

My daughter was so excited on Christmas to receive her new bedspread in zebra print and hot pink!  Along with it came a makeover with her new bed which you can read about here.
 She has been wanting to add a cute lamp to her bedroom for awhile now, but I am not a big fan of paying full price for a lamp! I actually will not break down and pay full price when it comes down to it! My answer has been the same...I will look for one when I go thrift store shopping or to some yard sales. Well, this past weekend was her lucky day. I spotted this cute zebra print lamp sitting all by itself in the back of the pile!

 I got it for less than a dollar, because it had no lamp shade! I thought that a lamp shade would be easy to add, so she got her lamp and we were both very happy!
A week later, I found this lamp shade at my local thrift store. Most of you are thinking, a brown shade for a zebra print lamp?

 No worries, I spray painted this shade with some fabric paint in pink! To give it a little bit of sparkle, we added pink, shimmering glitter while the paint was still wet!


Next, I added this cute fabric applique of pink roses to the zebra print lamp..


Then we added this cute as can be trim!

 Finally, this is what I wanted the lamp to look like when it was finished!

 I have a daughter who has developed her own sense of style.. Being the good mom that I am, this is where we parted ways with the decorating! I allowed her to add her own touch to the lamp! 

Yep she loves monogrammed everything right now!
Here is the finished lamp. My sweet girl got what she wanted...her favorite new lamp! I will end with the title because it sums everything up.
What a Girl Wants!