Monday, April 8, 2013

My Lighthouse Tour!

I had the opportunity to take a tour of the Lighthouse located on St. Simon's Island, Ga. One of the great things about living near the coast is that there are several old lighthouses to visit.

 Growing up on the coast, this can be one area you take for granted! I have a confession to make, I have NEVER toured a light house before this one! I wish that I would have taken more time out and done this before now!

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at this light house! Not only was it fun to climb the 104-foot tower, which has a 129-step cast iron spiral staircase, the view at the top was breathtaking!  You can click here for a complete history of this beautiful lighthouse!

The floor plans for the lighthouse.                                             
I will confess, by the last platform I was trying hard to catch my breath! I stayed up at the top for a while to take in the view and recover from my climb! 
View from the top!
 How pretty is that view?
I found the scenery at the top so beautiful, that I would climb up again!

This park is located directly across from the lighthouse. You can sit under the sprawling great oak tree with a picnic lunch and enjoy the view! This makes for a wonderful Spring day trip!
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  1. Thanks for coming over to my blog yesterday. You are so lucky to have grown up by the coast. How pretty and what beautiful photos!

  2. Your welcome! I have been very blessed to live by the coast! Its a beautiful place to live! Have a great day! Nicole!

  3. This is beautiful...I nominated you for the Liebster Award...

    1. Thank you its very pretty! Thank you for the nomination! This is Awesome!

  4. Hi Nicole, there's something about the sight of a lighthouse. It evoke a sense of romance and exploration. But its something more if its offers a very stunning view from the top. i don't blame you for wanting that lighthouse again. The view is truly spectacular.

  5. Nicole, I like to visit lighthouses too. Thanks for sharing this one.


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