Monday, April 1, 2013

Christ Church Part II

This is the week of Easter and I wanted  to share a very special church with you. I love spring, and with it brings new growth and beauty. I wanted to share some historic beauty that is located close to where I live.
I shared with you in part I about the Christ Church. I wanted to spend a little more time sharing with you the different stained glass windows that are inside the church. 
  Christ Church is located on St. Simon's Island near Brunswick, Ga., and was built in 1884 by the Dodge family.  This historic church possesses numerous stained glass windows of great beauty. There is a huge 18th century window in the back that was imported from Germany, and an original Tiffany window.  

The oldest window, "Confession of St. Peter," was created by Mayer & Company of Munich, Germany in 1899! How beautiful is this?

This window is the single most expensive window in the whole church. The bead points are the reason for this. Those are extremely hard to make.

 These wonderful stained glass windows are located through out the church , and were donated by the original families that lived on the island, usually in memory of a loved one that had passed.

The Tiffany Stained glass window were not installed by Tiffany & Company, so he did not sign the window.
Several of our presidents have visited Christ Church and have attended worship services held here. They are marked by plaques on the pews where they sat. There are also a few pews that date back to the original church, before the civil war. 
This is one place on your island trip that should not be missed! It is, simply put "very historic".
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