Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Popping Up Some Popcorn!

Chemical Free Microwave Popcorn!

Recently, my parents were both told their Cholesterol was too high.. So with that comes the whole diet and watching your oils and fats, and well, you know the rest.. I have tried to start this process a little early for my family in hopes of keeping my family healthy.. I have stayed away from microwave popcorn for awhile now, simply because it has A LOT OF OIL! I would make the Whirly Pop stove top with olive oil from time to time.. I love the way it tastes, and when time permits that's still my choice of popcorn.. Like everyone else, I needed a quick but healthy way to make popcorn for my kids, preferably in the microwave.. I know some of you are thinking that healthy and microwave are a oxymoron! 
  Now, I know they have come out with some great air popped machines recently, but I have no luck with getting the salt or anything else to stick to the popcorn, and in my house that screams YUCK to my kiddo's.
  So here it is...It is very easy, and it takes very little time at all!
 First, you have to use a paper bag to pop it in. I had these cute popcorn bags that I recently picked up from Dollar Tree.. You can use good old brown lunch bags too! I have used them many times and it is perfect!

  You will need 1/4 cup of popcorn of your choice.

Just measure and pour kernels into your paper bag!

You will need to fold your bag over two times about 1/4 of an inch. This keeps the popcorn from popping out..
Place the bag upright in your microwave.  It is okay if the bag touches the top of the microwave...it will not hurt it..
The time will vary according to your microwave.  I use my popcorn setting, but it is best to listen to your popcorn, and when it quits popping stop your time and make a note of how long to pop it. My microwave will pop popcorn in 2 minutes and 15 seconds. I use this every time and its perfect.
Please excuse the finger prints!

Here is what my popcorn looks like! The difference between air popped popcorn and this is that the moisture allows the salt to stick to your popcorn. I open the bag and pour salt in and then give it a shake. Be careful not to burn your self from the steam! Makes perfect tasting popcorn every time!

My kids love it! They add cheese and other toppings, and I love the fact that its HEALTHY for them!

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  1. If your microwave is too short for the bag to be upright, you can also lay the bag on its side. Either fold the bag over as described, or you can even put a single staple in the top of the bag to keep it closed.

  2. What a great idea! I'm going to try it this weekend. Thanks! Visiting from Recipe Swap Hop.


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