Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Festival Find!

I had the opportunity to go to a festival when I was on vacation in the mountains. I fell in love with a few finds and brought them home with me. I have seen these carved wood primitive bread bowls everywhere lately. They start between $80.00 to $125.00 dollars in many of the major stores that carry them.. So you can imagine my shock when I saw these beautiful bowls sitting at a craft booth at the festival in Townsend, TN.. She was selling them for $ 18.00! I could not believe my eyes!! I am sure you know this came home with me... 

My next find at the festival was these hand made dried fruit potpourri swags.. They grabbed your attention by the scent that permeated the whole aisle of booths! I ended up with the one you can place in my new wood primitive bowl! My house smells wonderful!

Love these!

How cute is this? I have the Apple and Orange spice mix!
The homemade potpourri comes with a bottle of homemade spice oil..
Once a month you refresh your scent by adding the homemade spice oil to your potpourri mix. The oil will last for a year!
What a find!

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