Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Rock Garden Remodel!

I was hosting a Father's Day dinner at my house for my family this year, so what do you do when your hosting? You look around and see what needs to be fixed or made presentable! My family decided to grill out steaks this year. So, I went to my rock garden where the grill is located, and to my horror I found  this... 

It was overgrown with weeds from all of the rain we had, and the chairs that were once black were now faded gray!! Not only were the chairs faded, but the print on the cushions were faded too...they were worse than the chairs!
 I sat thinking about how I could avoid spending money on new cushions that were perfectly fine other than the faded out color. I had a few ideas, researched them online, and decided to paint my cushions! Yes, thats right.... PAINT MY CUSHIONS!!  I realize you're looking at these words about the same way the Lowes associate was looking at me when I told him I wanted to buy some paint to paint my cushions! He suggested that I use a flat paint and made me promise to bring them back in so he could see this project! From my research I learned that using Textile Medium ( 2 oz to a half gallon of paint) mixed with flat paint of your color choice will leave your cushions soft and normal to the touch..

              I used a sponge roller and simply rolled the paint on my cushions..


Now if you have a wild print or dark colors you might want to use a primer first.. Mix the fabric medium with this primer and paint over those prints. I incorporated my little helper( my daughter) and she worked on alot of the details for me! She was bored and I couldn't think of a better way to cure we painted! 

Let the cushions dry, flip them over, and paint the other side.  I chose this beautiful teal color to liven up my rock garden!

   I used a Valspar outdoor spray paint in black for my chairs.. My son and husband tackled this job for me!



Didnt they do an awesome job?? I love my thrifty redo!

Much better!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hurry you still have time!

My.. Let Freedom Ring Punch!

This is our punch for Fourth of July!  I made this in a cup so I could share this in time for you to make this for your festivites.. I am making this in a large glass jar on the Fourth of July.. I will update a pic for you of this soon!

You only need three drinks and ice!

The trick to this drink is the sugar content.. You must have one drink that contains a high sugar content, one in the middle range, and one with no sugar at all.

First fill your glass or container to the top with ice. Make sure to pack it to the top full!

 My Mountain Dew Blue Raspberry (blue) drink has 46g of sugar...  Put the high sugar drink in first...

My Gatorade fruit punch (Red) has 21g of sugar.... This will go in second.. Very important to slowly pour this in over the ice to the side of the cup! This keeps it from mixing.

Here is the second cool is that?

My Tropical flavored water (white) has 0 grams of sugar! Honestly, this will blend with the ice either way.. You can use  Diet Mountain Dew here or any clear diet drink as well.. I just went with flavored water (we are not big on diet drinks) for my punch..

 When you go to drink this punch you will get a mix of the drinks and the punch will not seperate! I love it! How festive is that? Your punch will last without mixing for around 4-5 hours. Hurry!  You have time left to go pick up your favorite drinks and make your Freedom punch for Fourth of July!