Saturday, September 8, 2012

Some Of My Annual Fall Time Favorites!

Well, it's official...I'm in full swing for fall at my house! Too early? No way! I will show you a few of my favorite things for fall! I am a creature of habit, and candles are one of my favorite things to have in my home during the fall season. I just picked this one up yesterday, and oh my goodness, it does smell my home up like I have fresh pumpkin bread baking!
I love burlap, and you can decorate with this inexpensive fabric in endless ways!

This is one way our kids know its fall time in our world.  We buy this scent for our car every year for the fall season. When we get in our car, we start reminiscing about our annual family trip to the Great Smoky Mountains each fall!

 Speaking of the mountains, I simply love our trip to the mountains, and it is a highlight of our year!  I love where I live, but our tropical weather has one draw back...fall seems to skip where we live!  So, to escape the heat and get some fresh mountain air, we head to the mountains. 
Here are a few pics from some of our trips to the mountains!

I have many more favorite things about fall that I will share with you soon! I would love to hear about some of yours!