Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Strawberry Chocolate Truffle Tree

My Strawberry Chocolate Truffle Tree!

 I recently hosted a party for a new line of chocolate, and I wanted to keep with the chocolate theme when preparing my food for the party. I came across an old Southern Living cookbook at a yard sale recently, and it had a wonderful idea for a chocolate truffle tree!  Many ideas for using this recipe came into my mind, but for those who know me I had to add my own twist to this idea! I decided that a strawberry chocolate truffle tree would be better than just plain old chocolate...I think it even sounds better when writing it!  I also changed the truffle recipe that my new cookbook suggested by using a very simple one! I am all about whats easy and less complicated..
Cinnamon dusted Styrofoam cone

I went to my local craft store (Michael's; this can also be found at Hobby Lobby) and purchased a 6 inch Styrofoam cone. I sprinkled it with cinnamon to give it a dark and decorative flare.

Now you can make your truffles from several easy recipes or from scratch should you like.  I made these fool proof Chocolate Oreo truffle's that I tried out last Christmas. I found these to be easy to make and they taste awesome! I added the link below should you want to try them out.


I used 2 pounds of fresh strawberry's and I washed and cut the green tops off . You will need wooden picks cut to 1 1/2" length.  Starting at the bottom of the cone, insert the picks into the foam cone, about 1 1/2" apart, and then attach the truffles and strawberry's in rows until you reach the top.

I made 5" and 7" strips of chocolate fondant to place in between the layers to fill in any open gaps on my tree.
Makes a great center piece!

Some of you might be thinking this is still way to much work, so I am going to simplify it for you some more. Here are a few quick alternatives you can do and still have your truffle tree! First, you can buy truffles of your choice and unwrap them and place right on the sticks. You can also top your tree with a bow and fill it in with ribbon instead of fondant. Just remember you can always simplify to meet your needs!

This can be used for all seasons and holidays. I can't wait to make this at Christmas and add a whole new flare to it! I know from my own experience this was a HUGE hit and I had none left at the end of my evening! 

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