Monday, June 4, 2012

Nicole's power outage find!

Nicole's power outage find!

SO, it's been a crazy week here.. You see, we've had extreme weather in our area, thanks to an early tropical storm that decided to hit on Memorial Day weekend, and because of this, we lost power on Sunday night for about 12 hours. This was not a huge deal besides losing some food in the fridge, and a gate panel out in our backyard.  But, in scrambling to find some form of light, I tried several of my flashlights but all of the batteries were DEAD!
Then I went for the candles... that was fun trying to find a match in the dark! I suddenly remembered I have a battery operated candle that is sitting in a lantern. I have to say that was the easiest way to bring light into my room; it’s the switch of a button! I felt like I suddenly had my electric back. I highly recommend if you don’t own one of these candles to stock up on them. Not only was I able to take it all over the house without one drop of wax falling , I was able to leave it on and leave the room with no worries! I know this really seems drastic when you could just have a flashlight on standby, but as a lady I find that I have a decorative candle on display way closer than a flashlight!

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