Saturday, June 30, 2012

I have a new favorite jar! You will want to see this for sure!

I have a new favorite jar!!

  I am going to be using these for a whole lot of things. I saw these and simply fell in love with them! I prefer glass over plastic these days , so when I saw how you can get small, medium or large jars in this style I went nuts!! I first laid eyes on  them at Wal-mart  but since then I have also found them at Target. I went with the large jar so I could fit more of my homemade mixes in them. The large jar was (your not going to believe this) $4.97!! That's my kind of find!

  Now, I like things to have a label! I am not big on finding out(that to my surprise) my memory failed me, and I have the wrong mix in the wrong recipe! Here is what I decided.  I used a stencil and my homemade chalkboard paint (see my blog for that recipe) to add my own label. I wanted a label that I could wipe off ,that way if I change what is going in the jar I dont have to redo the label! 

These jars are wide and they are airtight so they work for almost anything! I have an all purpose mix , a brownie mix, an oatmeal mix just to name a few..

                  I taped the stencil design down on the jar...

                 Then I sponged on the chalkboard paint and let it dry..

Remove the stencil after it dries to avoid smearing.. I also wiped down my stencil before I used it on the next jar.. This keeps any leftover wet paint from getting on the bottom of the jar..

Now you can write on your jar and remove it when you want!


  1. Hi Nicole, Lisa from Twentyphive, here. I wanted to do this with my canisters. I gave it a go and the paint was too thin and ran down the sides. Do you have any tips for me? Maybe I should try your homemade recipe for CB paint. :)

    1. Lisa I used my recipe for CB paint for these jars. I sponged it on the jar. I also turned them facing up on the side I was stenciling. I hope this helps. I know the homemade CB paint didn't run. Let me know how it works for you.


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